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currently reading

1. the patron saint of liars by anne patchett. this book grabbed me with it’s first paragraph and i am having a hard time putting it down!

2. running scared: fear, worry, and the God of rest by edward t. welsh. a while ago, a facebook friend posted that this book was free for the kindle. free is my kind of price, so i downloaded thinking i could check it out and see if it was any good. it seems to be a timely book for me–right to the heart of some issues in my own life…but it’s written in a gentle and kind way, so that it cuts right to the heart without being incredibly painful.

3. the casual vacancy by j.k. rowling. i have been listening to this book on audio on my long drives to and from work. i haven’t read any of rowling’s other books, but have heard that they are among the best audio books. so, i thought i’d give her a shot and try this first piece of her adult fiction. it’s raunchy and crass and so true to life. she doesn’t mind using dirty language and talking about the stuff people don’t usually talk about.

4. boundaries by cloud and townsend. i picked up this book from my shelf thinking it might be helpful for me to re-read it (i last read it in college) so that i could recommend it to a few clients. turns out, that is probably not going to happen. i know it’s a classic… i know it has some great points… but i feel like they grab Scriptures all over the place and apply them at random. i think i could find it easier to swallow if it didn’t happen like five times on every page. context, people, context!

5. happier at home by gretchen rubin. i’m trying to like this because brene likes it…so far, i’m struggling.