run, run, fast as you can!


i made it 4 miles today! i went to one of the little lakes nearby and ran the sidewalk around it-it was surprisingly hilly, and pushing the kiddos made it seem THAT much hillier… but i took it slow and did it! after having a slow start to the week, i’m feeling better about the half!


2 miles: ran one, walked one. i’m over running in our neighborhood. i need a good loop! !


i was telling ryan earlier today that sometimes i feel like i’m bipolar when i run. i’ll be running along feeling pretty good and thinking, “hey-i feel pretty good! i think i could go a few miles more!” and then, just a minute or two later, i’ll think, “i. hate. running. what was i thinking coming this far? how am i going to get back home?!” it’s true. all in all, though, i’m enjoying running, especially since the weather is finally cooling down a little! i am hoping to do a half in november, and i’m in the middle of a training plan. i’m giving it a good fight, though. some days, i’m really happy with the plan…other days, i’m too worn out to make it as far as a i need to go. my theory these days in running, though, is that it’s better to run at a slower speed longer distances than to run really fast for a short ways and then burn out. of course, my husband would surely disagree about the running fast (not the burning out). he’s in the middle of training for a marathon at the end of november. and he’s running his miles at a 7:15 pace. i think he might be superman…

i haven’t been updating my log, though I’ve actually been running. 2 miles is the furtherest I have made it so far. well, 2.25, but I had to walk part of it. my mojo got messed up because Ryan wanted me to push the stroller half a mile into my run. for some reason, he didn’t care to push it on his “hills” run. today I ran 2 half miles at a quick (for me) pace. the first took me 4:50-which would put me under 10 min/mile. the second took 5:35, though it ended up a hill which slowed me wayyyy down.
just a few weeks to my first race back and I’m starting to get nervous about the mileage. I know I can do it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to run the whole thing at this point…
the whole family hit the road together today! Ryan pushed the kids and let me set the pace, which is a good thing because I would never be able to keep up if he was leading. we made it right at 2 miles, just barely. I felt so sore during the run and knew it would be much worse afterwards. my theory is that the soreness and cramping has to do with the number of cokes I drank over the party weekend (I just cannot turn down a coke in a green bottle!!). I’m going to take a week off of sodas and see if I feel better. 2 miles-25:07. phew!


1.5 miles: 18 minutes while pushing both kids! all i can say is that mentally–i’m baaaaaacccckkk!!!


intervals. i hate doing intervals, but ryan insists they are beneficial to my running regiment… i know they will make me faster, and since my mile time is waayyyyyy longer than i want it to be, i will suck it up and do them. i did .25 mile intervals today. my goal was to.. [interjection: zoë is sitting in my lap while i type and she just coughed and a toot came out-and it smells awful! so unladylike!!] my intervals at a 10 minute pace, which i knew would be a challenge based on how slow i was the other day. i surprised myself by doing them in about 2:15-2:20 (one was 2:33 but there was a little hill at the end)! i feel like my body is remembering running which makes me very excited!


i am back on the road again after a loooonnng time off. there are some women who can run when they are preggers (who i take my hat off to…or i would, at least, if i were wearing a hat), and others cannot. i found myself in the latter category even with the best intentions. but, that’s old news, because i am no longer pregnant-thank the good Lord! i had my 6 week check-up yesterday and got the all-clear for resuming normal activities. so, i decided to put on sa-weet new running shoes (my “push present” from my sweetie) and hit the trail. my goal was to make it 1 mile. doesn’t sound like much, but you have to start somewhere, right? ryan asked what my time goal was and i had to admit to not having one… only because i was a little fearful i wouldn’t actually be able to run a whole mile without stopping. it’s been almost a year since i ran last, which fact my knees quickly reminded me of. but, alas, with my belly jiggling and my thieghs thundering, i made it…in a recorded breaking speed of 12 minutes and 54 seconds. had you been driving on my road, you might have found yourself thinking that your grandmother could have run faster and looked better doing it…which is probably true. watch out-i’m backkkkk!!!!!

my first race goal: 5k in 5 weeks and counting!


One thought on “run, run, fast as you can!

  1. Ok, I’ve missed this part of your blog completely. I love it. I guess my blog writing class last night really did help me. 🙂

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