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Job title of the day

The ridiculous crazy wonderful thing about being a mama is that each new day brings a new and different job title. Today’s title for me: wrestler. I’m pretty sure I could face a sumo soon because I’ve had THAT much practice. Whole body engaged, drawing from strength I didn’t even know I had…this is the place I’m talking about. Wrestling kids to put clothes over their heads. To put food in their mouths. To make it out of the drug store. To buckle into their carseats. It feels neverending. But, I’ll tell you a little secret: there’s a little voice inside of me that shouts a triumphant, “YESSS!” in those moments of little success. Take the baby, for instance. He hates getting his diaper changed. He throws his little body alllll over the place, especially if there happens to be a big messy poop hanging around in said diaper. It is quite the wrestling match every. single. time. I change his diaper. When I finally got it on this morning, that little voice inside me yelled rather loudly, “PINNED AGAIN!” Ha, take that, little guy!