if i heard it once during my graduate training, i heard it fifty times: “every good counselor has a good counselor.” for you see counselors are actually people, too. and people have issues, regardless of their education, gender, race, upbringing, etc. so, towards the end of my graduate training, i followed this good advice and found my own counselor, which has been one of the best decisions i have ever made for my own well-being…

last week, i was meeting with said counselor and we began to have a conversation about worth and enough-ness. as i’ve said before, i am a huge fan of brene brown’s work–she was the first person in my life to put words to this topic and i haven’t been the same since reading/hearing them. brene talks about how we live in a culture of scarcity, under the myth of “never enough.” she says in one of her books that we can fill in the blank: “never _____ enough.” at first glance, i quickly filled in the blank: never damn enough. i read a little more and saw that that wasn’t exactly what she was going for…her examples were along the lines of “never thin enough” “never rich enough” “never rested enough” “never pretty enough” “never smart enough” etc. the truth of the matter, though, is that my initial filling in of the blank hit the nail right on the head for me. in so many areas of life, i feel that pull of just not quite being enough. when i am lam-blasted with photos on social media of how creative my friends are, how thin my friends are, how successful my friends are..i feel a drop in my stomach and a deep sense that i’m just not measuring up. and this is the deep shit my counselor and i talked about. brene says that our worth is not based on those things. we find our selves not suddenly worthy when we’ve dropped those 20 extra pounds… and not worthy when we finally finish that degree we’ve been working on for 5 years…and not suddenly worthy when we have all of our shit together (because, let’s face it, that’s what we are prone to think). nope, we are “worthy now. not if. not when. we are worthy of love and belonging now. right this minute. as is.” i’ve read that sentence so many times and still it brings tears to my eye as i type it. such profound relief. so, i share this thought with you today… you, my dear, are enough. 


One thought on “enough.

  1. Yes, Samantha, YOU ARE ENOUGH by God’s GRACE! You Girl have it! May God continue to bless you daily!!!!!!

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