there is this idea that i keep hearing that i cannot get out of my head these days. i wrote it down on a sticky note and posted it above my computer because, the truth of the matter is, i don’t really want to get it out of my head. if you know me at all these days, you know that i’m stuck on brene brown. her works, thoughts, and ideas have seemed revolutionary to my thinking in some ways, yet at the same time, affirming truths i have always known. “perfection,” she says, “is the enemy of the good.” because i like to give credit where credit is rightly due, i think brene actually got this idea from gretchen rubin (the happiness project). the first time i heard this, i took pause to try to figure out exactly what was meant by such a statement. surely, i reasoned, perfection is the ally of the good, not the enemy. the good leads to perfection, if done right enough, or as should be done. but, then, i don’t really like “shoulds” all that much…shoulds are shaming. shoulds lead to white-washed tombs…pretty on the outside, dead on the inside. “I really should clean up the living room.” “I really should stick to my diet healthy eating plan.” “I really shouldn’t eat this whole bag of chips.” 

i rarely want to do what i “should” do… and i have in my head this grand idea of what things should be like. for instance, i love to craft. i love the feeling of making something with my own hands, creating something with it’s own little bit of me in it…however, i also love pinterest, often to a fault. i find myself many, many times filling up boards and boards with ideas of things i could create..but there is something within me that stops me from making so many of those things-the idea that my creation might not be as perfect as the one on pinterest. instead of leaning into the discomfort of possibly failing (and then ending up on this site, which is hilarious, btw), i just find myself NOT creating…despite the fact that i find it to be a life-giving activity. brene and gretchen would said that the one great creative endeavor i actually do is better than the hundreds i pin and never do… and the one mile that i actually go run/walk is better than the (2nd) marathon that i never train for or run…and the blog post that i wholeheartedly write once a month is better than the one i half-assedly never actually write every day. intending to do something, making a list to do something, thinking i really should do something..those aren’t worth anything. it’s only when i actually do something, even when it doesn’t turn out “perfectly” that i have truly succeeded. and that, my friend, is my deep thought for this day…


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