little z is three!

once upon a time, there was a little family of three. this was a dear little family, but not quite a whole little family…for it was missing a little princess and a littler prince (but we’ll save his story for another day). this little princess decided to make her way into this world bright and early on a saturday morning three years ago. from inside her mommy, she knocked on her tummy to let everyone know she was ready to come out. her mommy and daddy and big brother, noah, rushed to the hospital so excited about their little princess’s arrival. on their way, they called lots of people in their family to let them know little z would be coming soon. everyone in the family climbed out of their beds, got into their cars and drove to the hospital to be ready when little z came out of her mommy’s tummy. in no time at all, the doctor pulled little z out. her mommy and daddy were delighted to meet the most beautiful little girl in the world: their zoe grace. ever since that bright morning three years ago, she has been delighting everyone who meets her! 


One thought on “little z is three!

  1. Happy birthday to a beautiful, precious, sweet girl. She has indeed added joy and pleasure to many in her short time here. I know I love her dearly. BB

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