i love lists, too!

1. i want to make this ASAP. the colors are perfect for spring, though not in an overbearing sense. i am obsessed with the velvet ribbon-what a fantastic idea for binding! ! and in yellow?! love!

2. i recently got a friend hooked to my favorite podcast. these girls are so delightful you’ll come away from your itunes wanting to be their friend…

3. z’s birthday is next weekend, with her party following the next. i have been crazily trying to get all the decorations ready. girl parties are so fun!

4. i want every single one of these when i’m skinny/non-preggers again!

5. i have been thinking about and preparing for the coming season of lent. this has been a helpful place to spend time.

6. my freezer is about to be stocked with a yummy treat.

7. i have been reviewing an article for class that was really interesting. it’s long, but worth a ponder.


One thought on “i love lists, too!

  1. You always make me smile, you’re amazing=) and this list… OFF THE CHAIN! 😉 that took so much work it’s ridi-awesome. (new word.)

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